Denver Offers Dumervil New Contract After “Fax-gate”

Updated: March 19, 2013

Denver Broncos team president John Elway went on record today with ESPN stating the team has made a new offer to defensive end Elvis Dumervil after his agent failed to file the paperwork of an agreed upon restructured contract by the 4 P.M. EST deadline.

“We’ve offered Elvis a contract,” said Elway Tuesday afternoon. “We’d like to have Elvis back.”

The terms of this new deal were not disclosed but it is safe to assume that it will not be for the $8 million deal Denver and Dumervil agreed upon after the two sides worked to restructure his contract. Elway, before the sides agreed to a restructuring and before the “fax-gate” fiasco, said that Dumervil’s contract–which was going into the 3rd year of a 6 year $61.5 million deal–was “out of whack.” The simple translation to that statement is that Dumervil was getting paid much more than the rest of the most productive ends in the league. It also could have meant that Elway did not think his production was warranting the money he was receiving from a bloated contract agreed to by the former Broncos front office regime before Elway took over as team president.

Since being released by Denver to avoid being paid the full $12 million for the 2013 season, Dumervil has drawn interest from other teams such as the Baltimore Ravens, who have lost multiple key starters to free agency, trades, and retirement. Whether Dumervil has been offered a higher amount by the Ravens is unknown at this point. The question is what does Dumervil want more. A higher paycheck, or familiarity with the team he has played with his entire 6 year career.

My gut tells me Dumervil will resign with Denver as long as the price tag is not too low. He was already going to take a pay cut for the team so why not shave a few more dollars off that number and stay on a Denver squad that is looking like a legit contender after signing slot specialist Wes Welker in free agency. My advice to you Elvis, do not leave the building.

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