Is HGH Becoming a Problem in the NFL?

Updated: May 1, 2013

Performance enhancing drugs have been a topic of conversation in the sports arena for quite some time now. Football players are seemingly getting bigger, stronger, and faster with each year that passes and PEDs could be at the center of this pehnomenon. ESPN reported today that an unnamed NFL player has gone on record stating that there are 10-15 athletes on each team who use HGH, or Human Growth Hormone.

There is currently no testing for HGH in the NFL but Commissioner Roger Goodell is currently pushing for HGH testing as a regular part of medical procedure for NFL athletes.

Human Growth Hormone does exactly what it sounds like it would do. In short, it makes the people who use it bigger and stronger. I cannot help but think of all the gruesome injuries that have occurred over the last few years, all the head-to-head collisions that prompted all the advancement in concussion treatment and prevention. If players are constantly getting bigger and stronger by artificial means, is there any way to not expect these types of injuries to occur with even greater frequency than they have been?

It sounds extreme, but I would implement a relatively severe punishment for 1st time PED users such as a year-long suspension. If HGH is as common as the report made it sound like, then players are simply not getting the message that PEDs will not be tolerated. Major League Baseball is still going through this dilemma with steroids. Until more severe punishments are made a reality, players will not mind taking the risk of getting caught using performance enhancing drugs.


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