Jake Long Down to Rams or Dolphins

Updated: March 17, 2013

It is surprising that offensive tackle Jake Long–a number 1 overall pick in the 2008 draft by the Miami Dolphins–has yet to get himself signed to a new contract for the 2013 season. Arguably the best tackle on the free agent market, Long should have been snatched up on day 1, but health concerns and his inflated perception of self-worth have probably been the causes that have held him up to this point.

From the beginning of free agency Long has been in talks with the St. Louis Rams about a potential contract. However, talks with players of Long’s caliber usually do not drag on this much. One possible explanation for the delay could be those injury concerns that have surrounded Long ever since the 2011 season. In 2011, he dealt with an assortment of ailments that affected his back, shoulder, and knees. In 2012, Long missed the final 4 games of the season with a torn triceps injury.

While these injuries could have something to do with the drawn out negotiations, Rams general manager Les Snead recently stated that injuries were not a concern with Long. Wait a second… If injuries are not an issue, then what is the hold up? Can the two sides be that far apart on a dollar amount? If that is the case, then things are not looking good for the Rams. There is no way to know though, as whatever is causing the extended negotiating period could be anything from a minor detail in the contract itself, to Long simply thinking he is worth more than what St. Louis is offering him.

This is where the Dolphins come back into play. If the Rams’ offer is not at least somewhat level with Miami’s then Long could opt to stay put and help rebuild the team. Miami has assembled an impressive group of free agents this offseason, including receiver Mike Wallace and linebacker Dannell Ellerbe.

At this moment I say it is 50/50 between the two teams. Long felt disrespected by the Dolphins for not trusting his future health status, but if the Rams cannot make an offer to his satisfaction staying home is always an option.


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