Where will Steven Jackson land?

Updated: February 13, 2013

Steven Jackson is a solid veteran running back that would upgrade most teams immediately. But the question is, who will sign him? Let’s take a look at four possible landing spots for Jackson…

New England Patriots - 

The Patriots have been known over the last couple years as being a passing team. Even though this is their reputation, they have had some good running backs on the field for them recently. With Jackson, New England would have an even better running back that could not only run the ball well for them, but catch the ball as well.

Green Bay Packers -

Aaron Rodgers was the team’s second best rusher in terms of stats last year. This proves that just like New England, Green Bay is a passing team. And just like the Patriots, if the Packers land Jackson, they would automatically have a much better running game. Signing Jackson would also take some of the pressure off of Rodgers which is never a bad thing. 

New York Jets - 

If the Jets trade Revis, they will have the cap space to sign Jackson. However, seeing as they also have Sanchez still under that horrendous contract, they are probably the team that is least likely to sign him. If they do in the end, they will upgrade their offense and prove to their fan base that they are in fact trying their hardest to win now.

St. Louis Rams -

Jackson in the end will most likely consider going back to St. Louis. The Rams took the running back out of Oregon State with the 24th overall pick in the 2004 draft and he hasn’t stopped providing them with production since then. St. Louis’ offense would be possibly the worst in the league if it weren’t for Jackson and as a result, they need him back badly.

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